Human Services Agency

DCTS Strategic Plan includes:

DCTS External Strategic Goals for 2013-2018:
Impact more  individuals and families with destructive behavioral challenges
Identify and integrate new innovative and best practices to continuously expand staff knowledge and application
Engage community members and other organizations to invest, advocate and partner on behalf of our communities 
Produce socially significant outcomes

DCTS Internal Strategic Goals for 2013-2018:
Strengthen staff, volunteers, and organizational culture
Construct greater mission awareness
Engage community to invest financially
Build organizational excellence

 DCTS Continuum of Programs
[Prevention] [Educational Tools] [Assessment] [ DAP4Youth.] [Transition] [Sec2ND Chance ] WITS End [Domestic  Abuse & Sexual Assault] [ Peer Support] [Spiritual Counseling] [Services Overview]

DCTS Partners in Excellence
We are grateful to have the support of  our generous community partners [ North Carolina Baptist Children's Home][St Mark's Lutheran Church]

From this strategic plan, we recognize that the success of program outcomes requires our team to periodically evaluate where we are and the direction we are going in. Hence the Chief Executive Director and Board defined the strategic goals that will allow DCTS  to achieve its Vision. A division of external and internal goals was made so we could remain sharply focused on why we exist as a non-profit organization: to improve the quality of life in the community.

  • Christian Counseling
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction Counseling 
  • Transitional Consulting 
  • Pre-Trial Consults
  • On-Site  Pre-trial Classes
  • On-site  Empowerment Workshops 
  • On-Site  Mayfield's  Dress-4A-Purpose  Shop

Our Focus

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Education  Referrals & Consulting 

A One-Stop- Human Services  Agency which  the  focus lies on community efforts, including assisting with domestic violence placement, consulting, community awareness, counseling and educational opportunities. We firmly believe it takes a village to raise a child, and if you work on creating the most well equipped society you can, so many problems simply work themselves out. 

DCTS Document Corner


Hands Targeting the Bulls-eye of Everyday Problems

During the first year of operation, DCTS Inc. has been mainly focused on how to serve our clients and their families better; additionally, we are always exploring new ways to increase revenue and lowering our service costs. Lots of progress has been made overall. Like many nonprofits organizations. DCTS has been doing more with a little less within our agency. In collaboration with the Chief Executive Director and Board of Directors, some tough decisions were made. Our team understands that more will emerge in the future. Our strategies were not only related to cost containment and productivity; but relevant to what support is likely in the future for the clients we serve. As a working team, DCTS Executive Staff and Board make decisions that are based on both the long-term mission priorities as well as the sustainability of this quality agency. DCTS staff and volunteers will continue to deliver services with the same commitment to quality those we serve have come to expect.

Event Dates
April 25, Second Chance Alliance, Legislative Agenda, Raleigh

May 2, Community Connect-Nonprofit Networking, 5-7:30 pm 401 E. Main St

May  20, 10 am Doak Park Thomasville 
June 6, 6-8:30 pm The Kalief Browder Community Discussion & Viewing 401 E. Main St.
June 17, Comedy on Main Event Doors Open 6 pm. The show starts at 7-11 pm  401 E. Main St.
June 22 Session 1 Course Offering Classes

June 29 Session 2 Course Offering Classes

See Class Schedule for Other Dates & Class Times 

#TeamDCTS for Sec2ND Chances 

Davidson County Transitional Services  is an innovative Human Services Agency providing Educational, Referrals, and Consulting services that Educates, Empowers,and Explores options to help reduce barriers in times of transition by providing opportunities for individuals and families to become self-reliant after incarceration, abuse, or other social ills. We are exempt from federal income tax under the provisions of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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On-Site Services 

Links for Support

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence-NCADV Website:  

North Carolina Coalition against Domestic Violence

 National Domestic Violence Hotline

Women's Law 

Job Corps  Website:

NC Coalition to End Homelessness Website:

Employment Security Division 

The Anti-Poverty Network (APN)

The Anti-Stalking 

Rape & Abuse, Incest National Network

The National Center for Addictions