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B. Johnson, Second Chance Staffing


In order to meet the unique needs of those individuals we serve, the DAP4Youth facilitators and team involves diverse staff and volunteers with various backgrounds, skills, and connections in the community. DCTS works alongside program managers, clinical supervisors and administrative roles to allow the DAP and R.I.S.E.  model to be embraced by each youth and their family. 

Our program facilitators guide youth to overcome barriers that lead to destructive behaviors such as bullying, drugs or alcohol, and other problems. Our focus of restorative practices aims to help rebuild relationships that have been compromised as a result of destructive behaviors or incidents. This may involve rebuilding or understand the dynamics between the victim and assailant, and or other members who were impacted in the community. Utilizing an ongoing and open dialogue, restorative practices identify the root causes of the behaviors or incident, provides an opportunity for each individual impacted to voice their feelings, and then determines an action plan to rebuild relationships and thus build a stronger community.

DCTS Sec2ND Chance & DAP Director Wendy Sellars has implemented the R.I.S.E  (Reaching Individual Success Everyday) Outreach to help our youth and their parents or caregivers plan, navigate, and understand the criminal justice system, preventive measures, and prevention tools for domestic violence, the dating game, and vision board empowerment. We have on site counseling, case management, anger management group or individual sessions, mentorship, and employment guidance/preparation forums.

Gang Prevention 

Conflict Resolution

Jason D. William ( CHOICE Ministries), R.I.S.E. Facilitator

DAP4Youth Provides:

  • Assessments & Case Management
  • Educational Services
  • Mentoring or Peer Support Partners
  • Group Forums
  • Crisis Intervention 
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Employment Preparation planning
  • Volunteer Opportunities for At-risk Youth

DAP4Youth Goals:

  • Build and establish developmental assets
  • Create and develop opportunities for youth & adults voice
  • Prevent violence, substance abuse, bullying and other destructive social ills
  •  Rebuild brokenness in their relationships with others​
  • Change destructive behaviors

Dcts4u At-risk Program for Youth [DAP4Youth]

R.I.S.EFacilitator, Teresa Billie

Dcts4U At-risk Program4Youth (DAP4Youth) is a comprehensive and proven treatment modality for youth (age 10-16 yrs old) needing intensive supports in their home community. Utilizing a carefully-designed and highly-customized planning process, the DAP program was designed to help keep youth from transitioning to a higher, more intensive level of care (i.e., Residential Treatment, stay-in-school or to successfully transition a child from a high-level of care back home.

To achieve success, DAP4Youth requires participation from both the youth and their family, holding great significance in building a plan for all involved that is individualized, strength-based and community-resource driven. The plan essentially needs to have buy in and ultimately works for the family. Key components include safety planning and family-driven goal setting that helps build a team to support the family and connect them to resources in their community that will increase self-sufficiency and stability in the home.