Dr. M. Fay Ashworth

Chief Executive Director

​email: fashworth@dctsinc.org

​​​Board Members
(Present and Former)

Evangelist Eunice Webb
 Victoria Wingate  
​Minister Lee Ashworth
Minister Scotty L. Woods, Sr.​

(Former Board President)
Robin Woods
​Derek Miller


Diane Nicoloe Jefferies 

Ortriss  Ashworth

Serena Bennett

​Deborah  Wilson
Mariah Sanders

Richard Clayborne 
Al Williams

Christain Villalta

​Kelly Skeen

Kia Williams

Teresa Billie

Coery Staton

Byron Lattimore

Meet #TeamDCTS where there is HOPE 

Wendy B. Sellars  

Sec2ND Chance & DAP4Youth Director

​email: wbsellars@dctsinc.org  

Dr. Covia Boyd

Clinical Associate

email: covia.boyd.phd@gmail.com

Cheryl Jefferies

Educational Consultant  Trainer &

Programs Director

​email: cheryljefferies@dctsinc.org


Please send all  requests for visitation, shadow inquiries to dctransitionalservices@dctsinc.og


Director of Parent & Family Programs

email: jjohnson-hunter@dctsinc.org

 Dr. Linda P. McRae,

Clinical Director of DCTS  

 CEO of Hope Counseling & Consulting 

email: lpmcrae1125@gmail.com

Shelly K. Skeen

HR Director

email: shellykskeen@gmail.com

​Muriel Sanders

​Board President

Regina J. Edwards

WITS End Program Director

Founder of Epiphany Foundation

email: reginajacksonedwards@gmail.com

Our Staff and Board Members

#TeamDCTS Helping  Clients Reach Individual Success Everyday (R.I.S.E.)  

Our Staff here at DC Transitional Services and HOPE come from an impressive range of backgrounds and education. Our team’s diversity lets us find the best solution for you and your situation. We originate from a variety of disciplines and career paths, ensuring that our approach considers all angles. Whenever you have a problem, we try our best to produce a strategy that will help you become self-sufficient and recognize there is HOPE in every situation. We make no guarantees, but we will help pursue all options available. 

DCTS Board of Directors are community members who represent various agencies, work in public offices, and are active community leaders and business owners. Together they provide guidance, support and volunteer hours with a single goal- to help fulfill DCTS mission and vision. They have a common interest in providing emotional support and advocacy to our clientele. DCTS welcome you to consider joining our volunteer working board as we look for more avenues to grow within Davidson County and other surrounding communities.  If you are interested in joining our Board, please download an application  HERE and submit via dctransitionalservices@dctsinc.org 

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