DCTS Community Outreach Programs

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Hands Helping Clients Reach Individual Success Everyday

Hands Helping Clients Reach Individual Success Everyday

Dcts4U  At- Risk Program (DAP4Youth)

Is facilitated by Staff or volunteers whom have had personal experiences as youth or adults and have the knowledge to educated teenagers, adults, and others about the risks associated with abusive patterns of behaviors in society.

Wits End Educational Program

Wits End is an interactive advocacy program that fosters empathy with victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, bullying, addictions, and other victimization that are oppressive. It is the experiential nature of  Wits (Walk in Their Shoes) End that allows participants to understand the severe challenges faced by victims or survivors of abuse in any form. This program helps victims, survivors or family members understand violence and how to overcome the challenges of ill-treatment. Often abusers or victims of abuse at wits end before seeking help. We offer educational tools to eliminate barriers and change destructive patterns of behaviors or recognize them before the situation escalates further.   

 Sec2Nd Chance Outreach Program

A Community Outreach Re-Entry & Recidivism Program in which facilitators have resolved to come up with tools to help returning citizens, victims of abuse, addiction, or those who have a conviction of some sought to Build upon the tools needed to transition through life successfully.  Therefore Educating, Empowering, and reducing barriers are an important facet of what we desire to do in the Sec2ND Chance Program.

Programs at DC Transitional Services include: 

Our Staff is committed to leveraging current research, evidence-based practices and assessing outcomes for all of our programs. Research is a paramount element for programming at DC Transitional Services. Therefore, we proudly embrace a systematic and integrated approach to fulfilling our mission and vision.  The programs offered at DCTS  aim to educated and change negative behaviors, patterns of destruction while guiding and empowering our participants to make sustainable life changes that positively impact society.  

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